Do cordless tools make the cut?

Cordless screw guns have been the norm for years now, is it time for mixing drills and LED’s to follow?

We’ve all been there on the job tripping over extension cords, annoying, but usually not a big deal unless you’re on stilts. Maybe we’re always in a hurry trying to find a free outlet and unweave a cord from the clusterf**k of knots we’ve weaved. 

Guess what: Battery everything is in! It has been! It is reliable for a few years now, at least. And in case you were unaware, The world’s heading in that direction as car manufacturers (*cough* Tesla) drive innovation in improved battery technology; think power output, battery life, charging speed. 

Mixing Drills

The early days of battery powered hand drills were rough. They were heavy, lacked battery life, and overall they sucked. None of us would even consider a battery powered mixing drill. 

Tool manufacturers have made much progress in the past decade. Dewalt and Milaukee both offer their own mud mixers

DeWalt 60V Mixing Drill 

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Mud Mixer

And if you happen to be looking for something with a bit more spin DeWalt offers a 54V mixer for bigger mixes (5+ bags of plaster). 

DeWalt DCD240 54v XR Cordless FLEXVOLT Paddle Mixer

This unit has an adjustable RPM range from 300-50. It’s not for sale directly inside the USA, but you can probably find one in our website store 😉   .

Throw some light on it

Ah yes, remember those dinosaur lights – the halogen ones, the lights you’d have to change the tubes on – the lights you used to warm up the rooms in winter. Then came the LED’s, which were great, but they came with limited freedom.

But imagine you want another light on this wall, right now! Do you have enough cord? Do you have an open plug? With the battery LED’s it’s no worry. Bring it out, turn it on. It’s an amazing convenience once you have that ability.

Lights can usually have at least 2 intensity options which can preserve battery life. 

Battery Management

 Ok, fine I got rid of extension cords and I don’t worry about having enough three-ways for them. How do I manage all those batteries, am I swapping out one headache for another? 

In my personal experience, having gone cordless is a recommendation I make to anyone who ask of it. Switching out batteries, or better yet, having your laborer do it in between mixes/during set up is a perfect task for them. If you don’t have a laborer, I’d bet the job you’re doing won’t require more batteries to change out. Just make sure they’re charged before you start rendering. 

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